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Scrap Prices – Current US, Canada, Chinese & Indian Scrap Prices

We bring in current scrap prices for US, Canada, China and India. RIM offers Indian Scrap prices, International Scrap Prices, US Scrap Prices, Chinese Scrap Prices & UK Scrap prices.

Scrap Prices are obtained from authentic sources including Government offices, Ports, Agents, Steel Mills, and Exporters & Importers.

Our Scrap Prices help exporters and other businesses in the scrap industry to determine the rates for their scrap. Big corporate have saved a significant amount of money by selling their scrap at the best rates in the Industry.

"We were selling at Rupees 19,000 until we found out the market rate was 21,500 at RIM. Our companies combined generate about 5-10 tons of waste every day and we are able to save Thousands in a day thanks to RIM" says one of our happy clients.

US Scrap Prices

US Scrap Prices Daily updated US scrap prices with historical data and interactive graphs. US Scrap prices include HMS 1 & 2, Copper scrap 1 & 2, Copper Sheet, Aluminum scrap, Stainless steel scrap, Cast Iron scrap and much more.

Canada Scrap Prices

Up-to date Current market prices for Canada scrap materials and historical Canada scrap prices. Canada scrap prices covers a wide range of scrap such as HMS 1 & 2, Copper scrap, UBC(used beverage cans), Aluminium, Radiator scrap and 30 others.

Japanese Scrap Prices

Japanese scrap prices consist over 23 items including copper, steel, Aluminum, Gun metal, Wheels, Cans, Batteries etc. We are proud to have the top Japanese Yards and traders in our client base. More details on Japanese Scrap prices.

Indian Scrap Prices

We have the widest range of Scrap materials in this section. We have very close contacts with the Industry leaders and various export import companies. From scrap metal to paper we offer daily rates for over 50 scrap items