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Current Market Prices – Canada Scrap prices

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US$ 5.09 / Lbs Details

No.1 Copper

Copper #1 grade applies to clean copper scrap such as copper bush bars, copper clippings, copper tubings and copper wire not less than 1/16 inches

US$ 4.95 / Lbs Details

No.2 Copper

Copper #2 grades applies to the dirty version of its cousin #1 which may consist of unalloyed copper scrap with not less than 94% copper and free from lead, tin, soldered copper scrap, brass or more..

US$ 4.85 / Lbs Details

No.3 Copper

Copper No#3 is also referred as light copper and generally gets a lower rate compared to the other 2 copper classifications. The size of Copper # scrap is less than 1/16 inches thick. Thin wires and more..

US$ 0.98 / Lbs Details

Clean UBCs

Clean UBCs refers to Used Beverage cans. Most preferably it can be made up of aluminum. It is free from the impurities such as lead, foil or other foreign materials. It can be compressed into bales more..

US$ 1.19 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Wire Bare Extrusion

Aluminum consists of clean aluminum and the extrusion is made by any one of the alloy. The alloy may be zinc, stainless steel or iron. It is light weight strong and high corrosion resistant. Normally more..

US$ 2.29 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Copper Radiators

Aluminum radiators are made with well finished 100% pure aluminum piece with copper. Aluminum is 40-50% light weighted metal when compared to other metals. Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant. It more..

US$ 1.18 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Extrusion

Al-Extrusion Scrap is generated during the process of Aluminum Extrusion. Normally it is free from contamination of zinc, iron, dirt or other foreign particles.

US$ 1.12 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Litho. Plates

Litho plates are a kind of perforated plates made up of aluminum. It is used in the printing industry to make a consistency of images. Litho plates are undergone to some chemical reaction to accept more..

US$ 0.92 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Radiators

An aluminum radiator consists of 100% of aluminum and it dissipates heat from the atmosphere. Aluminum radiators use 1 wider tube that makes the contact area wider, this helps to transfer the heat more..

US$ 0.63 / Lbs Details

Aluminum Turnings

Aluminum turnings are referred to the material components which are shredded down during the machinery process or cutting process of the aluminum components. It can occur at lower price.

US$ 0.83 / Lbs Details

Cast Alum

It refers to cast aluminum, a kind of metal. It is used to make a cook ware and to create outdoor furniture. In addition to these it is also used in motor parts. Methods such as mold casting and die more..

US$ 0.71 / Lbs Details

300 Series Stainless Steel

It is also known as austenitic stainless steel. It is not magnetic. It has an austenitic crystalline structure, which is a face-centered cubic crystal structure. The corrosion resistance is higher more..

US$ 0.18 / Lbs Details

400 Series Stainless Steel

The stainless steel series of 400 contains a minimum of 11.5% up to 18% chromium. Since it is magnetic, it is used in the production of knives and multipurpose tools. The corrosion resistance is more..

US$ 0.53 / Lbs Details


ACSR stands for aluminum conductor steel reinforced cable. It has the excellent conductivity of electricity so it is used as power cables to transfer electricity. It also used as primary and more..

US$ 5.18 / Lbs Details

Bare Bright Copper

It is a thick copper which can be used to strip wire which is protected by insulation. It is a hydraulically compacted material. It contains uncoated, unalloyed copper

US$ 3.6 / Lbs Details

C Metal

It is also called as plain carbon steel. It is less ductile. When it is heated, it becomes harder and stronger so that welding seems to be

US$ 3.1 / Lbs Details

Copper Radiators

Since coppers are the good in transferring heat and electricity, it is used as radiators. It is capable of exchanging heat from atmosphere. It is used in air conditioners and air coolers.

US$ 3.78 / Lbs Details

Hard Brass

Hard brass is a kind of metal which is softer than steel. In this the copper content is greater than 75%, lead and tin content is greater than 6% or more than 11% and also it contains other more..

US$ 0.16 / Lbs Details

Hard Lead

Hard lead is an alloy which contains more impurities and 5% of antimony. Since hard lead is very toxic, it can affect the human health due to the contamination of drinking

US$ 3.8 / Lbs Details

Red Brass

It is referred to “Copper alloys”. It contains copper, tin and zinc. It is resistant to corrosion and it is used as hydraulic castings, valves and gears. It has the composition of 85% copper, 5% more..

US$ 0.82 / Lbs Details

Soft Lead

Soft lead is used for the process of softening the metal which contains no impurities. It is also called alternative leads or feature leads. It is soft and

US$ 0.25 / Lbs Details

Whole Auto Batteries

As the name refers this denotes the batteries which are used in auto mobiles. It can be rechargeable. It is used to start the motor and it consists of six cells each with 12V charge.

US$ 3.3 / Lbs Details

Yellow Brass

Yellow brass consists of 33% of zinc and 67% of zinc. The color of the brass depends on the amount of zinc added to the brass. It is used in automobile industry, measurement instruments etc.