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Established in 2020, MSADDAQ UNIPESSOAL LDA is a global company dedicated to the recovery and trading of plastic materials. Our mission is to create a greener and cleaner environment through our operations and services.

With extensive experience in the field, we have been at the forefront of the recovery of various polymers, including polyolefins such as PP and PE, and technical polymers like ABS, PC, PA, PS, PBT, PVC, PEI, PES, LDPE, PVC, PET, and more. However, our primary focus lies in thermoplastic elastomers and bioplastics, which are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

In the realm of thermoplastic elastomers, we offer a diverse range of materials to our customers. This includes options such as second choice, primette, off-grade, and recycled materials like TPU, SBS, TPE, SEBS, EVA, TPEE, TPO, and TPS. Additionally, we specialize in producing customized compounds tailored to meet specific needs and applications.

With years of experience under our belt, our commitment to a greener future remains unwavering. We actively promote and market compostable and biodegradable polymers such as PLA, PBAT, PHA, PHB, PCL, and PBS. Our services extend across Europe, Asia, and Africa, enabling us to contribute to the recycling of renewable and ecological materials on a global scale.

At MSADDAQ UNIPESSOAL LDA, we prioritize the use of biopolymers sourced from renewable and environmentally friendly origins. By replacing fossil carbons with carbon obtained from sustainable sources, we efficiently produce polymers from renewable natural resources. This approach allows for rapid decomposition of packaging, returning everything back to nature.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to offer a wide range of high-quality materials to meet diverse needs. We carefully consider the origin and features of products, along with the entire recovery process and the characteristics of the secondary raw materials (MPS) obtained. Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and technical standards, we take into account any potential risks associated with the use and transportation of materials, substances, or by-products. Moreover, we respect the market value of our products, providing competitive pricing to our valued clients.

MSADDAQ UNIPESSOAL LDA caters to different quality materials to meet various needs. We are committed to providing outstanding services for waste recovery and disposal, ensuring the highest quality standards. Choose us as your trusted partner, and together, let's create a sustainable future by embracing recycling solutions for plastic, paper, and metal waste.

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Contact Name
: Ms.Amal
: Rua Pedro olaio
: Porto
: Portugal
: PortugalPortugal
: 42
: +351-0-93811925
: +351938119256

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Trading Details

Items we sell

Aluminium Brass Scrap Scrap Metal
Baled Cardboard
ABS HDPE LDPE Mixed PET Polycarbonate Polyethylene Polypropylene PolyVinylChloride OTHER

Items we buy

HDPE LDPE PET Polyethylene Polypropylene

Industry Type - Trading

  • Year of Establishment : 2020
  • No of Employees : 6
  • Preferred Shipping Terms : FAS,
  • Preferred Contact Type : WhatsAPP
  • Mode of Payment : T/T
  • Import Markets : Europe
  • Export Markets : Asia Pacific,Europe,Middle East,North America
  • Major Categories : Plastics Scrap, Metal Scrap, Pellets, Regrinds
  • Branch Offices : Italy Spain Morocco
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