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What is Recycleinme?

RecycleinME is a marketplace for scrap metal, non metal scrap, plastic scrap, rubber scrap and paper scrap. Here you will find scrap metal, scrap metal prices, scrap metal suppliers, scrap metal buyers, scrap metal offer to buy and sell along with other various categories of scrap. Register Now and start receiving business leads.

What are RIM's core values?

Recycleinme stays at the top most position of Search Engine Results Pages for keywords related to the scrap industry for the past eight years, consistently. RIM strives towards helping enterprises-at-all-levels compete in international trade, creating a trusted portal environment online. Customers are provided with relevant information from one of the powerful domains available in the scrap and recycle industry (garnered as RIM), which saves their time and money. Experts at Recycleinme settle out more than 900 potential business inquiries each day, the factor they are very proud of. RIM's goals are clearly focused, priorities are fixed and progress is steered towards the target.

What about Recycleinme's history?

Recycleinme got its start as a humble beginning in 2002, at Dubai. Later they shifted operations to India, owing to upgraded business dealings and feasibility to restrain. RIM is a division of White Lake Technology Solutions, India. In the years following, RIM made its mark having nurtured a collective, concrete and people-focused culture, because they believe that these factors fuel growth. Nourished by the gratitude of their benefactors, RIM at present has more than 15000 registered members and notably more than 300 new members added up each month.

What about their expertise and experience with their customers?

RIM helps manufacturers and exporters of scrap to market their products cost-effectively by connecting them with trustworthy buyers. Their insight is global and so is the quality of products dealt with. Recycleinme's experts also help importers to spot the perfect location to enter into dealership with, on a global basis. Recycleinme is estimated to undergo trade transactions of more than $200 million each and every month. Recycleinme enjoys an average of more than 105,000 unique visitors in just a month's duration and perhaps indulging more than 192 countries. They also record 500,000 unique page views in just a month's time. The numbers itself prove the portal's reach and frequent engagement on it by scrap dealers worldwide. RIM welcomes each and every opportunity to provide practical, economical and effective suggestions to benefit their customers, engaged in the portal. They are committed to customer satisfaction and hence all concerns could be shared with the RIM's staffs. Customers feel RIM to be way too transparent, which also adds to one of the secret factors behind their success.

What are the ways in which Recycleinme will help me?

Recycleinme offers an exquisite data on 'Scrap and Metal' prices, which helps keep the users updated on market movements, prices, global demand for scrap and all those necessaries and needed data surrounding the scrap industry. This will in turn influence customers decide on each and every steps they take in their business moving forward. RIM tracks down scrap prices for their customers from authentic sources, spot markets, junk yards, chamber of commerce and many more reliable sources, all the way from - "London to Mumbai". This data update on scrap and metal prices is updated on a daily basis at 9 AM IST, each day. RIM scrap prices cover the following categories: Scrap & Metal Prices, LME Cash Price, Mumbai Scrap Prices, Dubai Scrap Prices, Spot Scrap Prices and Exotic Metal Prices. These price details are not delimited to numbers, but they also provide pictorial representation of the same via. charts, which helps customers to compare the historic scrap prices and analyze the market movements of major metal markets. Apart from scrap price detailing RIM also provides spot prices for basic metals, commodity prices, rubber prices, plastic prices, HMS 1&2 prices, US Scrap Prices, International bulk prices, UK Scrap Prices, Japan Scrap Metal Prices, South Indian Scrap Prices, bunker oil prices, Dubai Crude Prices and Finished Steel Prices of Middle East and gold rates.

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