Company NameE.DUTTI Kft
NameMr.Evgeny Attilla
NatureWaste/Scrap Dealer
Mobile No+36302978322
Company Description We are a Manufacturing and Trading company based in Budapest, Hungary. From decades we are engaged in exporting metals with certified quality. Our strict quality control helps us to procure the best metal scrap from the source manufacturers. We are dealing with scrap metals based in Hungary with the capability to offer scrap materials of various types at the best affordable price. We deal with finished mineral products like Aluminium ingots, Copper Cathode Sheets, Tin Ingots & Zinc Dross, Copper Millberry wire scrap, Compressor scrap & Drained Lead Battery Scrap. Kindly contact us @ +36302978322 for all your scrap needs.
Moved into suspicious09/21/2016
Sample Scam Text For taking full payment for Aluminum UBC from the customer and not having the ability to produce the proper document or proof of fulfilling the order.
Admin Remarks Please don’t deal with E.DUTTI Kft as they are non-delivery scammers…!

E.DUTTI Kft, a company based in Budapest, Hungary, sent a proforma invoice to supply Aluminum UBC to JZ International Materials Sourcing company, Order No: 10022. Contract terms stated clearly on the PI was 50% advance and 50% after shipping documents were sent to them and this was signed by Toth Jozsef as CEO.

Transaction Details:
7/25 - USD $7000 Proforma Invoice from E.DUTTI Kft
7/29 - USD $3500 - 50% advance paid
8/6 - USD $3800 balance 50% & other fees paid (was supposed to send only after receiving inspection & shipping documents)
8/19 - No shipping documents or inspection was provided to date and no proof of scrap provided
8/20 - 1st CANCELLATION request sent from JZIMS for full refund
8/26 - Additional USD $1500 (for shipping booked for Sept 3rd). Additional Payment made on order after Toth Jozsef said they made a mistake on the price and that if this additional payment is made he will break even and be able to pay the shipper for Sept 3rd shipping booking and he takes full responsibility for shipment on time. He did not pay the shipper at all with the money received or cancel their service, but disappeared to Hamburg, Germany. No shipment arrangement now.
7/25 - 8/26 - Wire transfers & fees - USD $300
9/2 - 2nd CANCELLATION request of order and full refund with penatlies to be paid by 9/7
9/2 - Interest & Penalties for non-fulfillment of order = USD $1000
9/2 - Total Refund Due to JZIMS: USD $10,100
9/7 - Toth Jozsef said he had gone to the bank and instructed the transfer for the refund amount stated below and will send the proof of bank transfer. No proof was provided after many reminders.
9/16 - Hazar Ference from sales said buyer should get the refund in a day or two since it was made last week
9/23 - No emails, phone calls or proof of payment ever being made for the full refund. Scam!

Even after getting the full amount they did not follow their own policies to deliver the goods ordered. Mr Hazar Ference and Toth Jozsef from E.DUTTI Kft have been misleading the customers with false information that shows they are a scam company. We do not tolerate such practices from the sellers on our site.

Below is one of the mail sent to E.DUTTI Kft from

Hello Mr. Atilla Evgeny,

We have sent your company an email and left you a message asking if the order of JZ International Materials Sourcing, LLC, placed with you more than a month ago has been fulfilled or not, and till now we have not received an update. We just checked with Mr. Jim Zachariah of JZ International Materials Sourcing and he said the order has been cancelled due to non-delivery and your last note to him was last week saying you will give the confirmation for his refund, which he has not received yet. This needs to be settled now and it's way past due.

Our company will not take such malpractices lightly of having unfulfilled orders be ignored for so long, or a mutual settlement reached that is not completed within a short time. We only list companies in RecyleInMe that have good business ethics and follow a good business process, which is why we verify companies before listing them on our site. We will also let our other partner B2B internet companies know of blacklisted companies on our site so they can blacklist the same companies on their site. We will also notify the respective country's Chamber of Commerce as well so they are aware of such malpractices. This is the normal process we follow so you are aware. We are requesting you again, one last time, to settle the refund amicably in a day or two and to update us of the resolution.

Cancellation of order is for the following reasons;

1. For taking full payment for Aluminum UBC from the customer and not having the ability to produce the proper document or proof of fulfilling the order.
2. Failure to do the ISF filing for US customs in time as per their compliance laws, and the lack of ability for your forwarding company to send the required information to the customer's forwarding company, and even for the lack of ability for the seller's forwarding company to do the ISF filing with their US counterparts
3. For your company not being transparent in business dealings
4. For your company not following proper business ethics to do any business that is of international standards
5. For lack of trustworthiness and the ability to have a long term relationship with genuine buyers who wanted a long term relationship for mutual benefit
6. For giving false information and hope about deliveries, stalling, and for making the buyer's look like liars and cheaters to their clients and destroying good relationships

Please don’t deal with E.DUTTI Kft as they are non-delivery scammers…!

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