Company NameMinmetals Ltd
NameMr.Gareth Barley
NatureWaste/Scrap Dealer
Mobile No 
Address180, Boise Ave
CountryUnited States
Company Description Minmetals Ltd – The Leading Scrap Trading Company now looking to supply bulk of metal scraps to scrap buyers from all over the world. We are committed in offering high end scrap trading services to ensure that we are the best scrap dealers in the world. The main scrap materials we deal on are scraps including aluminum ingots, aluminum, wheel, aluminum UBC cans, brass honey scraps, stainless steel scraps, used engines, compressor scraps, cast iron scraps, nylon net fishing scraps, and more… We also offer scraps including, Scrap Tire Wire, Turbochargers, HDPE Film on Rolls, HIPS Rolls, LDPE A Grade Film on Rolls, LDPE Baled Film Mix (A Grade), LDPE Baled Film Mix with Paper, PET Scrap, PET Fiber Rolls, ABS Dust and Fines, PVC Scrap, Aluminum Cans and PET Bottles, PU Foam Scrap/Grade AF Interested to know more about our offers, scrap deals and prices, please let us know!
Moved into suspicious10/27/2014
Sample Scam Text
Admin Remarks Be aware in dealing with Minmetals Ltd. Mr.Gareth Barley from Minmetals Ltd registered as a serious company in our website. They have posted several offers to sell and made numerous inquiries. After getting all the feature and benefits of our website, they claim refund and vanish away. They didn’t reply to our emails make us to feel more suspicious about this company.

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