Company NameEvermetal Espana Sl
NameMr.Navetni Alex
NatureWaste/Scrap Dealer
Mobile No 
AddressAvda. De La Industria, 16,Tres Cantos
Company Description

Evermetal Espana S.L is a well established, innovative, reliable and a self-funded company based out of Madrid, Spain. We specialize in domestic and international supply and trade of various grades of recyclables, raw materials and commodities. Today we are able to be a leader in the market and to navigate complex transactions, underlined by our strong ethical attitude to trading, enable us to provide better business for both our customers and suppliers.
There is a great emphasis in understanding their needs and requirements, and as a result we are able to meet the deadlines and often surpass the expectations of our esteemed clients. We offer high levels of customer service and, in turn, we are an excellent customer to our many and varied suppliers. We are dedicated & committed to provide the highest level of service in the industry & creating value oriented business. Our business conduct is guided by a set of values.
No matter where we do business, we do it based on our core values. With branch offices and business associates across the globe, we are poised and ready to partner with global scrap businesses.
We trade in Ferrous & Non Ferrous scrap like -

Ferrous & Non Ferrous

  • Aluminium scrap
  • Battery Scrap
  • Brass Scrap
  • Copper scrap
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Lead Scrap & Metal scrap

Plastic scrap

  • ABS Board scrap
  • HDPE scrap
  • LDPE scrap
  • Mixed scrap
  • Nylon scrap
  • PET scrap
  • Polycarbonate scrap
  • Polyethylene scrap
  • Polypropylene scrap
  • Polystyrene scrap & Polythene scrap

Paper Scrap -

  • Baled Paper scrap

Rubber Scrap

  • Rubber Tyre scrap

Our company is incorporated in Madrid City, Madrid as an International company. Our company number is B91218081
Contact us for best plastics and raw metal scrap and price s of other materials. We look to partner with global scrap buyers.

Moved into suspicious05/13/2016
Sample Scam Text Mail From "Shree Laxminarayan Processors Pvt ltd"

Respected sir,
We have been defrauded, Scammed by a Spanish company of US $ 2040.00.
The name and address of Spanish company is :
A day. De La Industrial
16 Tres Cantos
Spain 28760
Ph: 34911232713+
Banking Details:
Bank A/c No: ES0301820275110201604511
Bank Name: BBVA BANK ,
Swift Code: BBVAESMM
Address of Bank : MURO 431500 Tudela Navarra Spain.

This company pretended to sell us two -40ft containers of Pet Flakes. They send us a Performa Invoice as you can see (attached ). We in turn send them a Purchase Order and transferred them US$2040.00 as per the contract by wire transfer (attached).
Once this company received this deposit they were supposed to ship the material and send us a B/L for same.
This company has not shipped, nor returns our money (as it was merely a SCAM) doesn't even communicate with us.
This is a clear case of Wire and Internet FRAUD.(ONLINE SCAM)
Our Two countries India and Spain have a trade agreements and we request you to please help us recover our deposit of US$ 2040.00 and shut this company down as it is involved in an international scam.
Justice is required as it is a company registered and incorporated in Spain.
Your country reputation is at stake.
Your country cannot allow such scammer to operate and bring international shame
As Mentioned above with Banking Details, if you wish you can trace down the Scamster and bring to Justice.

My lord please help us out from this scamster and let us recover our hard earned monies, If nothing is
done then this company will keep on committing this crime and dishonor the prestige of Spain.

Awaiting your Response and Justice My Lord,
You are our only hope

ATTACHED Documents:
1. Evermetal Espana SL Certificate of Incorporation`
2. Wire Transfer Copy
3. Our Puchase Order

Below is the Business Documents submitted by the buyer

Company Registration Certificates


Complaint Copy

Proforma Invoice

Purchase Order
Admin Remarks Evermetal Espana Sl from Spain has registered their company in our website as Ultimate membership on Feb 20 2016. They have submitted their company registration certificate, ISO certificate as a proof. However, we have received a complaint from Shree laxminarayan processors pvt ltd on last April 15, 2016 that they have defraud his deposit of US$2040 to supply 2 containers pet flakes. have contacted Evermetal Espana Sl regarding this through email and skype to get the money back for the buyer. Also Evermetal Espana Sl is being quarantined from the listing to get an explanation from them, but we haven’t received any proper responses regarding this yet and they stopped their communication with us currently. So we have moved the company “Evermetal Espana Sl” in to our suspicious list. We hereby urge our members to be cautious about this company “Evermetal Espana Sl”.

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