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Southern Refurb, Inc

We buy and sell used computers. Excess computers, take apart and separate older systems. Metals sorted by type.

Southern Refurb has been incorporated since August 1st, 1985. We are located in NE Atlanta in Lawrenceville, GA. Just outside of I-85 north of the perimeter. Our building is within one mile of Sugarloaf Parkway and highway 316.

Our recycling efforts and growth has allowed us to offer the users in the United States a partner in the stopping of E-waste. We base our recycling efforts towards selling the gear back into the system. Zero landfill dumping. We sell all the hardware we receive from you to brokers, maintenance companies, end-users, E bay as well as our E-store. We are interested in all hardware no longer in use in the United States at end users locations. Send us an email regarding your excess hardware and let us market the gear for you.

We are interested in all working or non working PC’s, phones, computer systems, network gear, mainframes, laptops, printers, monitors, telephone systems , servers, peripherals , tape drives , point-of-sale equipment, ac adapters, power cords, wire, telephone cable, medical equipment, testing, or lab excess everything. The list of gear we are interested in is too long. We are interested in everything you no longer need or want.

Our process has been fine tuned and we are able to process thousands of items a week. Need an inventory of what you gave us? It will be emailed or faxed within forty eight hours of receipt of our drivers. A certificate of destruction will be mailed to you within a week upon request.

Our membership to certain broadcast groups allows us to advertise your hardware and get you the best price today. We can bring this expertise to any recycling / or resale effort, maximizing returns on out-dated, yet not invaluable equipment. We can beneficially service any size of asset recovery program.

When surplus and outdated computer equipment liquidation is done right, you can reduce your total cost of ownership. But improper and inefficient liquidation will increase your expenses and possibly expose your company to civil and criminal liabilities. We will assess it and discuss how we might market the excess and also allow us to help "keep the earth safe" from electronic pollution.


Choose Southern Refurb to refurbish and liquidate your surplus computer equipment. We will handle your gear the responsible way. Excess and or E-Waste is what we do. Buying and using items that are reusable supports a method of waste management that has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others, as a priority method of handling materials. One way to prevent waste, improve our communities, and increase the material well-being of our citizens is to take useful products discarded by those who no longer want or need them and provide them to those who do.

Be Environmentally Friendly: Southern Refurb operates in accord with all EPA regulations.
Hard drives or other data storage devices we receive will be formatted prior to any resale. We format drives using a three to seven pass format which is the requirement of the Department of Defense. DOD data wipe. You the user can be assure that your data will not leave our location with any sensitive data remains confidential.

Our survival has been based on honesty, integrity and doing the best job we can do.

Welcome to our site, and we hope that we may be of service to you in the near future.

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: Mr.John Reddien
:825 Marathon Parkway
: Lawrenceville
: United States
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