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Trans Tropical Impex Co.Ltd.

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Accra, Greater Accra
Member since : 8/24/2017
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Wanted: 60,000 MT of HMS 1&2 Scrap : Buy Offer - Expired Offer

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Trans Tropical Impex Co.Ltd. is a Metal Scrap trading and business consultancy company in Tema, Ghana.

Product Description:
Commodity: HMS 1/2 (80:20)
Inspection SGS or Equivalent
ISRI 200 (HMS 1): Wrought iron and/or steel scrap 1/4 inch and larger in thickness. All pieces must be smaller than 60x24 in.
ISRI 201 (HMS 1): Same as ISRI 200 except pieces must be smaller than 36x18 in.
ISRI 202 (HMS 1): Same as ISRI 200 except pieces must be smaller than 60x18 in.
ISRI 203 (HMS 2): Wrought iron and/or steel scrap, black and galvanized, 1/8 inch and larger in thickness.
ISRI 204 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 203 except pieces must be smaller than 36x18 in.
ISRI 205 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 204 except it may contain automotive scrap except for thin gauge material.
ISRI 206 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 205 except pieces must be smaller than 60x18 in. Scrap consists out of a mix of mill scrap (stampings, cuttings, bars, etc.), industrial scrap (nuts, bolts, misc. pieces, etc), auto and truck frames and bodies, railroad scrap (wheels, axles, parts of locomotives, and carriages, etc.), ship scrap (fittings, plate pieces, parts), construction scrap (plate, bars, angle pieces, rods, steel pipe, etc.), and miscellaneous commercial scrap (appliance casings, frames, and parts, etc.). Non-metal impurities total of 1% (one percent) or less. All goods sold by the seller will also be free from any types of radiation, bombs, arms, and ammunition, mines, shell, cartridges, sealed containers, gas cylinders, explosive shells, or explosive materials in any form either used or otherwise as per ISRI specifications.

We are looking forward to buying HMS 1&2 Scrap of 60,000 MT on a regular monthly basis. We can procure Metal Scrap from international suppliers. The destination port is in UK or the USA. The preferred shipping term is Sea Freight.

If you supply HMS 1/2 Scrap, kindly reach us with your availability and best offer details. We are glad to receive quotations from genuine Metal Scrap suppliers to maintain a long-term business association.

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