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Bulk Purchase: Huge Quantity of Shredded 211 Scrap to Kandla Port : Buy Offer

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Sanghai Tradecom LLP is having a requirement for high-quality Shredded 211 Scrap. We are looking to procure 30,000 tons of this material, ensuring that the pricing is competitive and the quality meets our standards. We are keen to inspect the scrap material to finalizing the purchase. Our rigorous inspection process, handled by SGS, ensures that all materials meet the highest standards of quality and compliance. We are looking for the most competitive CIF price for Shredded 211 Scrap.

Our payment terms are flexible, and we prefer to work with suppliers who accept Letters of Credit (L/C) to facilitate secure and smooth transactions. We adhere to Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) shipping terms, ensuring that the goods are delivered efficiently to Kandla Port, India. This term includes the cost of shipping, insurance, and freight, simplifying the logistics for our suppliers. We are specifically seeking suppliers from Europe and North America. We are a prominent scrap trading company based in Mumbai, India.

Scrap Details:
Scrap Name: Shredded 211 Scrap
Quantity: 30,000 Tons
Destination Port: Kandla Port, India
Inspection: We would like to inspect the scrap material.
Payment Terms: L/C
Shipping Terms: CIF
Preferred Supplier Region: Europe and North America

If you are a reliable supplier of Shredded 211 Scrap and can fulfill our requirements, please reach out to us with your detailed offer. Please provide detailed information on the scrap material including quantity, origin, loading port, and the best price per ton. Additionally, please provide any relevant certificates, as well as photos and videos of the scrap. Reach out to Mr. Sanjay Sanghai by phone, email, or WhatsApp. We look forward to hearing from potential suppliers.

Contact details

: Mr.Sanjay Sanghai
: Mumbai
: IndiaIndia
Zip Code
: 400004
: +91-9821-010825
: +919821010825

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