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Sadra Polymer

We are honored to introduce ourselves as one the leading manufacturing and trading companies in the field of polymeric recycled materials in IRAN. One of our main products which we are empowered to supply in considerable amounts is polypropylene black granule (R40) of high quality and with the following specifications: MFI, 230 C ,2.16kg 8-11ger/10min ASTM D1238 Density 0.9 gr/cm3 ASTM D1238 Notched Izod Impact @ -20 C 40 J/M ASTM D256 Notched Izod Impact @ 23 C 95 J/M ASTM D256 Rockwell Hardness >60 (R.Scale) ASTM D785 Tensile Strength (Yield) >27 Mpa ASTM D638 Tensile Elongation(Break) Min 200% ASTM D638 Detraction temperature under load 0.45 Mpa 88 C ASTM D648 Vicat softening Temperature 150 C ASTM D1525.

We hereby would like to inform you that our products come in different packages to meet the demand of different customers as well as 20 kg poly bags.

For further queries as well as sample please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Contact Name
: Mr.Jafari
:No. 11, 6th Shaghayegh Alley, Hejrat St., Sattari Hwy, Tehran
: Tehran
: 1473734676
: Iran
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