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Hebei Jinjiu Rubber Products Co., Ltd

Hebei Jinjiu Rubber Co.,Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter for Rubber tyre, Rubber plastic products and Rubber chemical materials are provided at good qualities and competitive prices.

We mainly focus on providing chemical rubber in forms of Synthetic Rubber(SBR, BR, SBS, SIS, NBR, EPDM, IR, CR, IIR, HNBR and PNBR, Rubber and plastic alloy and so on), reclaimed rubber(EPDM Reclaimed Rubber,Butyl Reclaimed Rubber, NBR Rec laimed Rubber, Tire reclaimed Rubber,Isoprene reclaimed Rubber), Nature rubber(TSNR,SVR, SIR,SMR,STR, RSS,Natural Emulsion), Zinc Oxide(99.7%,99.5%,99%,98%), Stearic acid, Carbon Black(N220,N330,N550,N660), Accelerator (M,DM, MZ,CZ, BZ,SP-C,TMTD,PZ ZBEC) and Antioxidant (RD,4010,4020,MB.MBZ,DNP).

We also offer rubber in forms of Huge Tyre, Car Tyre, Tyre for Mechanical, Tyre for Bicycle, Tyre for motorcycle, inner tube and Used Tyres. We also offer rubber plastic products in forms of Ring, Rubber Roll, sealing strips, Pneumatic sealing ring and Rubber sheet.
If you are the end-users or distributors in rubber industry, and interested in the above rubber raw materials, please don't hesitate to contact us. We strive hard to meet all our customer requirements. We provide paper in different grades. Our professional experts strive hard to provide top quality products at the most competitive prices.

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Rubber scrap Rubber
Butyl Granules Organic Rubble Tyres

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Rubber scrap Rubber
Butyl Granules Organic Rubble Tyres
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