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Broadway Industries Ltd.

Broadway Industries Limited has been able to achieve a strong position in export business and have a long time experience in exporting all kind of Textile wastage like Wiping Rags / Duster Cloth, Cotton Clips, Cotton waste, Yarn Waste, Acrylic waste too many countries of the world with good reputation.

We provide the following products:

Wiping Rag:

100% Cotton Hosiery Stitched Wiping Rag: White
100% Cotton Hosiery Stitched Wiping Rag: Colored
100% Cotton Hosiery Unstitched Wiping Rag: White
100% Cotton Hosiery Unstitched Wiping Rag: Colored

We collect new, 100% cotton hosiery big clips from garment factories. We stitch them in our factory and make wiping rag with a desired shape. It has stitches in the middle. All of our Wiping Rags are from new and unused cloths. The company has been exporting Duster Cloth / Wiping rag to Japan, Australia for almost 10 years with good reputation.

The Minimum Size of the Rags is 25 cm x 30 cm
The Maximum Size of the Rags is 45cm x 48 cm

Hosiery Clips:
100% Cotton Bleached White Hosiery Clips
100% Cotton Colored Hosiery Clips

Any kind of 100% Cotton Hosiery clips (white, black and all other color) is available. It is totally contamination free. Every color will be baled separately.

Denim Clips:
100% Cotton Denim Clips (Blue and Black)
100% Cotton Denim Salvage Waste

Cotton Waste:
100% Cotton Waste: (Pneumafil, Roving, Comber, Doffin, Flat Strip)

Cotton Yarn Waste:
Unbleached 100% Cotton Soft Yarn Waste
Unbleached 100% Cotton Hard sized Yarn Waste

Acrylic Waste:
Acrylic yarn waste
Acrylic tow/fiber waste

All types of textile wastes including cotton waste, cotton yarn waste and denim clips are free from any other contamination.

Packing style: 180 Kg in a Bale wrapped with PP bag in a bale, 148 bales in a 40 feet container. That means 1 container provides 26,640 kg

We always believe in long term business relationship.

Please write us actually which products you want.

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: Mr.Salauddin Zakir
:Room # 01,Kushal Center(2nd Floor),Raod # 07, Sector # 03, Uttara
: Dhaka
: 1230
: Bangladesh
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