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We need Urea for Pakistan govt & Indian govt.
Total Quantity will be 100,000 MT with 02 shipments of 50,000 MT.
I have re-written the same specs below for your convenience.
Please note that this Urea will be purchased by the Govt of Pakistan. At this stage just get the rates from supplier around USD 195/- for approval from the buyer and then we can discuss the detail terms & conditions of the contract.
Commodity: Urea
Physical Condition: Prilled
Free flowing to allow grab at the time of Discharge at the port of destination. Coated with Anti-Caking agent.
Specifications: Nitrogen 46% Min (Dry Basis
Biuret 1.26% Max
Moisture 0.5% Max
Particle Size 1.00mm – 2.50mm 90% min
Smaller than 0.8% 1% max.
Color White
Free from Harmful Substances

Kindly check if we can do anything

We have Iron ore, If you are interested we will give to you.

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: Mr.Biju George
:Via Arco Della Ciambella,6
: Roma
: 00186
: Italy
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