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Gaylord Boxes Scrap Needed Urgently : Buy Offer - Expired Offer

hot offer Hot Offer

We need to buy 7 semi loads of Gaylord Boxes between this week and next going to South bend, IN. 46614.
We need the 1st load today.
We can pay between $5 and $7 per box (depending on quality) + shipping up to $550 /$650
- Terms, net 7 to 10 days from Delivery/Pick up.

Box requirements:
- Size: apx 40" to 44" Tall
apx 44 to 48" Wide
- Octagon, Square, Rectangle.
- 4 and 5 ply wall thickness
- Flaps must be intact.
- Client of ‘course prefers minimal box damage, but a bit here and it is acceptable (edges not perfect, a small tare, etc.).
- A small notch in under 5% of the boxes is accepted but not preferred. (Must be random, not whole stacks of notched Boxes).
- Our clients racking is set up for 40"s + a little tall and apx 45” wide. Please notify us if you have boxes under 40” tall, we can ask our client they may accept depending on their needs at the moment.
- Boxes cannot have any powder in/on them (it will get stuck to the product).
- Boxes cannot have any excessive amount of plastic, other resins, or other debris in/on them. If we can see it in the photos, it's too much. If it falls out all over when the box is picked up, it's to much.
- Inserts are preferred but not necessarily required. If one is missing here or there, its ok.

Interested Gaylord Boxes Scrap suppliers, please call with offers or questions.

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