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Colossus LK is a leading scrap recycling firm based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We can manufacture pipes, profiles and different types of sections out of copper, brass and other copper alloys.

The only limitation we have is that the wall thickness has to be minimum 5 mm and at least 18mm outside diameter. The maximum wall thickness is about 40mm and maximum of 100mm outside diameter.

The pipe can be of any length and in different shapes like square, pentagon, hexagonal etc. And it can be made in different chemical compositions as per customer specification. We can also make gun metal, bronze aluminum, and in many more forms.

We are interested in supplying copper and aluminum scrap/ingots as well. Please let us know if you need any clarification.

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: Mr. Inshaf Ahamed
:No 33
: Colombo
: 12345
: Sri Lanka
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