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We track down scrap and metal prices "From London To Mumbai" through authentic sources, spot markets, Junk Yards, Chamber of commerce and other reliable sources. Yes, we put together LME prices to Mumbai prices, all under one roof making it convenient for you to access and analyze scrap prices and thus enabling you a profitable business deal.

We are adding new materials and data regularly to offer you the current market trends. RIM scrap section has a subscriber base of 10,000+ members for the scrap prices section from all over the world. Our prices help our members decide the right price for scrap and metals whether they are purchasing it or selling it.

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Plastic raw material Exporters & Importers, Plastic manufacturing companies, Traders, Buyers & Suppliers of plastic & resin.

indianflag Indian Scrap & Metal Prices

Delhi Scrap Mumbai Scrap HMS Prices
Aluminium Wire Scrap AL Extrusion HMS 1 and 2 (Gujarat)
Aluminium Utensils Aluminum Breakage HMS 1 and 2 (MUMBAI)
Copper Mixed Scrap Aluminum Wire HMS 1 and 2 (Chhattisgarh)
Brass huny Scrap Brass HMS 1 and 2 (Jharkhand)
Gun Metal Jalandhar Lead HMS 1 and 2 (West Bengal)
Gun Metal Local Shredded Scrap HMS 1 and 2 (Punjab)
Gun Metal Scrap Mix Stainless Steel HMS 1 and 2 (Chennai)
Aluminium Accessories HMS (South Tamil Nadu)
Copper Wire Scrap
South Indian Scrap Prices Jamnagar Scrap Prices
Cast Iron Black Battery Scrap Brass Free Cutting Extrusion Bar
MS Turning Bulk Note Books Brass Hunny Scrap
MS Boring Bulk Text Books Brass Hunny Yellow Pipe
No.1 Copper Bulk OCC Brass Hunny Yellow Vasan
No.2 Copper Tamil News Paper Brass Label - ROHS
Stainless Steel English News Paper Zinc Ingots ELECTRO
Brass Note Books Zinc Ingots PW
No.1 Aluminum Text Books Zinc New Purja
No.2 Aluminum Box Craft Zinc old Purja
Tin Yellow Craft
Zinc foil CRD
Silver White recordD
White Battery Scrap Brown
Delhi Metal Mumbai Metal Mumbai Base Metal
Aluminium Sheet Aluminium Ingot Aluminium
Brass Accessories Copper Wire Bar Copper
Cadmium Plate Lead Lead
Cadmium Rod Nickel Cathode Nickel
Copper Pat Tin Zinc
Copper Super Rod Zinc Slab
Inco Canada Copper Armature
Lead Ingo Desi Soft
Nickel Plate(4x24)
Nickel Plate(9x9
Russian (4x4)
Tin Ingot Malaysia
Zinc Dross
One Year (Save 36%) $138 subscribe
Six Months (Save 24%) $83 subscribe

indianflag US Scrap & Metal Prices

US Scrap Prices US Metal Prices
Copper No.1 AL Extrusion AL Extrusion
Copper No.2 Aluminum Breakage Copper
Sheet Copper Aluminum Wire Lead
AL Cans Brass Nickel
No.1 Cast Iron Lead Zinc
No.2 Cast Iron Shredded Scrap
AL Sheet Stainless Steel
One Year (Save 36%) $79 subscribe
Six Months (Save 24%) $49 subscribe

canadaflag Canada Scrap Prices

Canada Scrap Prices
No.1 Copper Clean UBCs AL Extrusion
No.2 Copper Cast Alum 300 Series Stainless Steel
No.3 Copper Aluminum Wire Lead
Aluminum Wire Bare Extrusion Aluminum Copper Radiators Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Litho. Plates Aluminum Radiators Aluminum Turnings
Cast Alum 300 Series Stainless Steel ACSR Wire
Bare Bright Copper C Metal Copper Heater Cores
Copper Radiators Hard Brass Hard Lead
Red Brass Soft Lead Whole Auto Batteries
Yellow Brass 400 Series Stainless Steel
One Year (Save 36%) $69 subscribe
Six Months (Save 24%) $39 subscribe

HMS Scrap Prices Import/Export & Mill/ Yard Prices

HMS Import/Export Prices HMS Mill/Yard Prices (India)
Indian Import Price HMS 1 and 2 (Gujarat)
Turkey Import Price HMS 1 and 2 (Chhattisgarh)
US Export Price HMS 1 and 2 (Jharkhand)
Middle East Export Price HMS 1 and 2 (West Bengal)
HMS 1 and 2 (Punjab)
HMS 1 and 2 (Chennai)
HMS (South Tamil Nadu)
One Year (Save 36%) $99 subscribe
Six Months (Save 24%) $69 subscribe

Copper Scrap Prices & Mill/ Yard Prices

Copper Scrap Prices Copper Base Metal Price (EOD)
Copper No.1 (US) Copper Wire Scrap (Delhi) COMEX Copper Price (US)
Copper No.2 (US) Copper Heavy (Mumbai) MCX Copper Price (India)
Sheet Copper (US) Copper Utensil (Mumbai) Shanghai(SHME) Price (China)
Brass (US) No.1 Copper (Chennai) European Copper Price
No.1 Copper (Canada) No.2 Copper (Chennai) Frankfurt Copper(Germany)
No.2 Copper (Canada) Brass Hunny (Jamnagar) JPX Copper (Japan)
No.3 Copper (Canada) Hunny Yellow (Jamnagar)
Radiators (Canada)
Hard Brass (Canada)
Plus Copper Scrap Import Export Rates
One Year (Save 36%) $99 subscribe
Six Months (Save 24%) $69 subscribe

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