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RecycleinME is the best platform for trading scraps I've ever seen . From the start, signing up as a basic user, I got a designated manager (Mr.Benny) to help me with finding supplier and they checked up on me regularly as well. The website and communication which manager gave me a lot of faith which made me upgrade to the Ultimate member. I'd recommend it for both suppliers and buyers.

Beonyeong Development

Contact Name : Mr.Hyeonho Park

City : Asan-si

United States Country : South Korea

Beonyeong Development

We first joined Recycleinme as member in the beginning of the year without much expectation to be honest. But after 6 months, our perception changed. The professionalism displayed by the coordinator- Lekshmy, is something that we do not experience from other similar platforms. We are very happy with our purchases, and we hope to connect to more suppliers and buyers in the same industrial. At the same time, the membership fee is really very reasonable. We highly recommend any companies from the scrap or recycle industrial to give Recycleinme a try.

Autowerkz Car Parts (M) Sdn Bhd

Contact Name : Mr.James Tan

City : Klang

United States Country : Malaysia

Autowerkz Car Parts (M) Sdn Bhd

This is an awesome platform, easy to use. We are delighted in spending time on it and you don't want to go away to see any possible transaction. It is one of the best tool that we use to check available product and orders. We simple recommend it. CONGRATS to All, last version is just INCREDIBLE. Best wishes to All

Eco-modus Lda

Contact Name : Mrs. Amelie de Beck

City : Estoril

United States Country : Portugal

Eco-modus Lda

On My opinion, RIM website is so good and more interested in rating. Evidently, telling that I'm keen to make an account with my assigned DM Benny. Guys good in understanding and profound in improving their website!

Shoalhaven Recycling

Contact Name : Mr.Byron Whitley

City : Bomaderry

United States Country : Australia

Shoalhaven Recycling

I like the service and consistency of RIM. This is perfect and Highly appreciated...

Api Heat Transfer

Contact Name : Mr.Dexter Scott

City : Buffalo

United States Country : United States

Api Heat Transfer

In the capacity of CEO of Earth Saver Inc, Canada. We proudly declare that Mr.Benny Jebaraj - Assistant Manager (RIM Support) extended matchless corporation and business support and digital publicity, we are able to get a very big order. WOW BRAVO BENNY AND RIM TEAM


Contact Name : Mr.Rob -- CEO


United States Country : Canada


Recycleinme.com is the best that we use constantly


Contact Name : Mr.Vieslav Alexandrov

City : Zyrardow

United States Country : Poland

Very very trusted & reliable service

Andi Budiman Paperindo

Contact Name : Mr.Andi Budiman

City : Jakarta, Java

United States Country : Indonesia

The service is very good

Berar General Agency

Contact Name : Mr.Anand Agrawal

City : Akola

United States Country : India

RIM gives us useful info and honest opinion regarding scrap market

Collection of Industrial and Commercial Investment for Development (HK)Co.Ltd

Contact Name : Mr.George

City : Dongguan

United States Country : China

Collection of Industrial and Commercial Investment for Development (HK)Co.Ltd

Flexible pricing and excellent services

The Steel And Metal Company (Tsamcom)

Contact Name : Mr.Gaq

City : Lambersart

United States Country : France

The Steel And Metal Company (Tsamcom)