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You have sent a number of fine leads and others have responded quite well form the listing on your site. I am hoping to "get up to speed" in properly dealing with all the requests. Thank you very much

Kingdom 1st Metals Trading

Contact Name : Mr.Todd Monka

City : Manitowoc

United States Country : United States


One of the best on the internet you guys really have something special going on here. Keep up the good work.

World Environmental Services

Contact Name : Mr.Timothy Cox

City : Los Angeles

United States Country : United States


Good, every time there is a new change.

Micro Engg, Solution's Co Ltd.

Contact Name : Mr.Vaneet Singh Kalsi

City : Lantau Island

Hong kong Country : Hong Kong


Flexible pricing and excellent services

The Steel And Metal Company (Tsamcom)

Contact Name : Mr.Gaq

City : Lambersart

France Country : France


RIM works very well

DAF Greenwood USA

Contact Name : Mr.Michael Desaye

City : Avenel

United States Country : United States


Very Good (Extensive support & excellent services)

Sc Adidrad Com Srl

Contact Name : Mr.Dragomir Victor Marius

City : Craiova

Romania Country : Romania


RIM gives us useful info and honest opinion regarding scrap market

Collection of Industrial and Commercial Investment for Development (HK)Co.Ltd

Contact Name : Mr.George

City : Dongguan

China Country : China


The service is very good

Berar General Agency

Contact Name : Mr.Anand Agrawal

City : Akola

India Country : India

Very very trusted & reliable service

Andi Budiman Paperindo

Contact Name : Mr.Andi Budiman

City : Jakarta, Java

Country : Indonesia

Recycleinme.com is the best that we use constantly


Contact Name : Mr.Vieslav Alexandrov

City : Zyrardow

Poland Country : Poland

Your services are excellent and keep up the good work


Contact Name : Mr.Kaameshwar

City : Chennai

India Country : India