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RIM Supplier Audit/Inspection Service

RIM Now Provides Tailored Scrap Inspections,
Background Audits and Supplier Management
Solutions Worldwide

  • Supplier Background Check, Due Diligence
  • Yard, Factory & Warehouse Audits
  • Ensuring supplier Competency and Reliability
  • On-Spot Risk Assessment and Due Diligence
  • Real-time Report with Photos/Videos/Insights/ of each Tasks
  • Actionable Recommendations to Buyer
  • Supplier Verification Approach and Checklist

Review the supplier's financial stability, quality, delivery, credibility, business transactions and asses if supplier can meet the standards and requirements as per agreement.

Why RIM Supplier Audit/Inspection Service

Avoid Scam

The global trade volume of scrap and recyclables is around $132 billion. However, the scrap market has a lot of pain points, such as widespread fraud on quantity, quality, delivery, banned materials, financial scam etc, accounting to 30% scam. Our supplier audit helps to fight scammers, con artists and cheaters.

Turnkey Supplier Audit

Our supplier audit team leaves no stone unturned. From visiting supplier's Yard, Site, Warehouse, Factory to Supplier background, practices, processes, certification and trading history.

Timely Reporting

Time is the essence when it comes to trade. Our inspection team will deliver reports in time and ensure you take a decision on the business quickly.

Global Presence

Our Supplier Audit/Inspection service agents can inspect all over the Globe except for countries which have travel restrictions or not safe.

Get the Best Business Partner

We verify supplier's financial, legal and ethical credentials, helping you stand out from the competition and win more business with the right supplier.

Mission & Vision

Vision: To be the most preferred, reliable & trusted inspection partner.

Mission: To provide outstanding solutions through dedication & excellence creating value for all stakeholders.