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Scrap Suppliers in Plastic - Ldpe from Portugal


Alquimodo Unipessoal, Lda

Alquimodo Unipessoal lda – Specialized and leading scrap trading company located in Portugal. We are dedicated to supply quality scrap to ...>>

  • Rua Dos Corticeiros, Lote 29, Quinta Dos Machados, Alhos Vedros
  • +351-308-804320
Global Supplier / Exporter

Eco-modus Lda

Eco Modus Lda is the largest and extensive trading firm located in Lisboa, Portugal. We specialize in dealing plastic and non ferrous ...>>

  • Av.Da Republica Nº3000 Lt B 2º Escr.17
  • +351-211-926540 +351-211-944594
Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Estoril
  • Portugal Portugal

Wikol Traders

Wikol Traders, the renowned scrap traders in Portugal specializes in offering high quality scraps at right time without any delay. ...>>

  • Rua Da Serrinha, Nº116
    Marco de Canavezes
  • +362-0-12525668
Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Marco de Canavezes
  • Portugal Portugal

Montexport Lda

With over years of experience in scrap trading field, Montexport Lda is committed to their customers by offering high quality scraps at ...>>

  • Av. Jose Malhoa, 2
  • +351-21-7264105 +351-21-7264092
Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Lisboa
  • Portugal Portugal


We collect and sell * Plastic: PET, HDPE, LPDE, PUC, PS, ABS * Waste carton OCC, NEWSPAPER, PAPER * Scraps: Aluminium, brass, ...>>

  • +351-244 854290 +351 244855799
Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Pombal
  • Portugal Portugal


Rorsia, Lda is a young Portuguese trading company dealing in polymers market worldwide mainly in LDPE and HDPE granules. We do also ...>>

Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Vila do Conde
  • Portugal Portugal


Sell plastic film from agriculture. We have about 50 to 70 ton of scrap of plastic film from agriculture! I would to be contacted by ...>>

Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Torres Vedras
  • Portugal Portugal


Processing All Sort of Polymers, Polypropylenes (Co-polymers, with additives and elastomers) PET Styrene (ABS, ASA, SAN) Polycarbonates ...>>

Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Leiria
  • Portugal Portugal


ELV, Metal Scrap, Batteries, Plastics, Nylon Seat Belts, Zorba, Meat Balls, Copper, Lead, Aluminum, Used Aluminum ...>>

Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Seixal
  • Portugal Portugal


We are a trading company from Portugal with expertise in raw materials and metal scrap. HMS 1 & 2, Used ...>>

Global Supplier / Exporter
  • Carnaxide
  • Portugal Portugal