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Scrap Buyers in General - Copper from United States


Blk Exim Inc

Blk Exim Inc, the leading copper scrap trading company in the United States is now leading the scrap trading industry by offering ...>>

  • 5100 poplar ave suite 2700
  • +1-901-4388504
Global Buyer / Importer
  • Memphis
  • United StatesUnited States

Middle Bay Metals, LLC

Middle Bay Metals, LLC is a full-service scrap recycling company based in United States. We are an accredited member of ISRI. We specialize ...>>

  • 3265 Hamilton Blvd
  • +1-251-6809666 +1-251-4437995
Local Buyer(United States)
  • Theodore
  • United StatesUnited States

Aes Inc

AES Reclaim is the premier HVAC equipment recycling company located in four cities Tallasee, Reno, Wheeling and Weatherford, United States. ...>>

  • Po Box 781147
    Tallassee, Elmore
  • +1-334-2836578 +1-334-2835447
Local Buyer(United States)
  • Tallassee, Elmore
  • United StatesUnited States

Orthodox Auto Company

With of 40 years of experience, Orthodox Auto Company, a leader in automotive recycling industry located in Philadelphia, United States. We ...>>

  • 5247 Unruh Avenue
  • +1-800-5233388 +1-332-5710
Global Buyer / Importer
  • Philadelphia
  • United StatesUnited States

Oceana Metals

Oceana Metals, located in Louisiana, United States, is a leading industry that deals with scrap sales. We specialize in a wide array of ...>>

  • 4813 Atlentic CT Apt 6, cape Coral
  • +1-509-5573579
Local Buyer(United States)
  • Florida
  • United StatesUnited States

Ind Metals

Ind Metals – The leading metal scrap dealers in Massachusetts are committed in offering timely scrap delivery at reasonable prices. As the ...>>

  • 45 Dan Road Suite100
  • +1-617-8287574
Global Buyer / Importer
  • Canton
  • United StatesUnited States

USAlliance Trade Group LLC

Established in the year 2001, USAlliance Trade Group LLC is based in Washington DC - USA, & is an international trade consulting company. ...>>

  • 8369 B 16th Street #256
    Silver Spring
  • +1-301-6566667 +1-301-6563239
Global Buyer / Importer
  • Silver Spring
  • United StatesUnited States

BP Steel, Inc.

BP Steel, Inc., based out of Miami, Florida, is a steel brokerage and trading company. We specialize in the acquisition and distribution ...>>

  • 9059 SW 162nd St
  • +1-786-2503216 +1-786-2720406
Global Buyer / Importer
  • Miami
  • United StatesUnited States

Granite Falls Recycling

Granite Falls Recycling is the leading and burgeoning scrap trading company with broad spectrum located in Granite Falls, Washington. We ...>>

  • 11025, Mt Loop Highway
    Granite Falls
  • +1-425-7897281 +1-360-2825518
Local Buyer(United States)
  • Granite Falls
  • United StatesUnited States

Reunion Recycled Scrap

Reunion Recycled Scrap is a prominent company that produces non-ferrous scrap materials located in Houston, Texas. We have strong client ...>>

  • 8245, North Freeway
  • +1-832-4456039
Local Buyer(United States)
  • Houston
  • United StatesUnited States
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