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As legitimate high-experienced international trading company we offer as follows:

1. Used Rails R 50 - R 65, ISRI 27 -29


Chemical composition analysis:

Carbon 0.2 % to 0.60 %
Manganese 0.60% to 0.90 %
Silicon 0.15 % to 0235 %
Sulfur 0,05 % maximum
Phosphorus 0.05 % maximum


Chemical composition analysis:

Carbon 0.54-0.82
Manganese 0.601.05
Silicon 0.18-0.40
Sulfur 0.04 Max
Phosphorus 0.035 Max
Cr Residual
As 0.01 Max of Mass share

Grading as per Russian Standard

Physical composition:

R50-65 per ISRI Code 27-29
R50 - 51.67 kg/m GOST 7173-75
R65 - 64.72 kg/m GOST 8165-75

Minimum order quantity: 30.000 m/t on one year contract basis.
The rails are cut to the length of 1,5m.
Current CIF ASWP price is: 270 U$D per m/t
Also we can provide HMS 1&2 at the price: 260 U$D per m/t.

Delivery: 30-45 days after receipt of LC
Port or Yard: Port visit is allowed after contract is signed only before/during loading of your shipment.
Inspection: SGS at port of loading at Seller's cost.

The offer above will become solid after buyer provide legal format of LOI (Letter of Intent).

Contact details

Contact Name
: Mr.Slawomir Reszowski
: Warszawa
: 02727
: Poland
: +48-725-488481

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Items we sell

General scrap General
Scrap Metal Used rails R50-R65, HMS 1&2
Member since : Jun 2009