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Alliance General, Limited

ALLIANCE GENERAL sells PETROLEUM and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS to MAJOR OIL COMPANIES and USED RAIL, HEAVY STEEL METAL 1 & 2 and SCRAP ALUMINUM WHEELS to SCRAP METAL BUYERS. The Used Rail and HMS1&2 are sold in quantities of 30,000 to 90,000 metric tons per lot, the Aluminum Wheels are sold in 20-40 US Tons -1 to 2 containers per month, and the PETROLEUM and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS are sold on a CIF/FOB basis.

The price for USED RAIL is $350/per metric ton, the price for HMS is $375/per metric ton, the price for Aluminum Wheels is $2580 per ton, and the price for PETROLEUM and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS is sold at a discount below (WTI) West Texas Intermediate.

We are a reputable company with 12 years experience, formed as a spin off from a MAJOR OIL & GAS COMPANY in 2001.

Contact details

Contact Name
: Mr.Michael Dallas
:14929 Richmond Avenue - Suite 1418
: Houston
: 77082
: Texas
: United States
: +281-759-1443
: +775-845-4419

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Items we sell

General scrap General
Aluminium Scrap Metal Used Rail HMS 1 & 2 Scrap Aluminum Wheels
Paper scrap Paper
Rubber scrap Rubber
Petroleum Products Oil And Gas
Member since : Jul 2007
United States