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Electric Generator Scrap

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Added: 28, November, 2008
From: Bollinger1985
The old scrap electric generators are huge sources of High quality steel and copper. The highly permeable silicon steel that is used in the core of the electric generators can be easily recovered from the scraps. Valuable copper is also used in the windings of these huge electrical transformers. Copper, which is sold in India for 200 INR is the most costly scrap metal. Hence the transformer scrap is the hidden source of treasure. Copper is the main metal that is recovered from the transformer scrap. However, recovering copper from the transformers requires atmost attention and care. The transformers are heavy enough to carry and hence require proper handling equipments too. The coolant (oil) has to be removed prior to the metal recovery process. The most important fact to be noted about the transformer scrap is that almost all the parts of the transformer is made of some kind of metal which can be effectively recovered.
Category: Copper