Inquiry Basket

Inquiry Basket works similar to a shopping cart. When you have a common inquiry for two or more companies/ offers, you need not send it to each company or offer separately. Instead, you can add all your inquiries to the "Inquiry Basket" and send it to all companies at once.

This is how it works –

  • Select the companies / offers to which you like to send inquiry and click the "Add to basket" button.
  • Your selections would be added to the inquiry basket.
  • Click the "inquiry basket" button, available at the extreme top of all the pages.
  • You would be taken to the inquiry basket page where you can find all the selected sell offers
  • Click the "inquire now" button to take you to the inquiry form.
  • Type the inquiry message in the form along with choosing your preferred method of contact (Email, phone, fax or snail mail). Now your inquiry is all set to go.
  • Click the send button
Inquiry basket steps

Important note:

  • To avoid spamming there are certain limitations for bulk inquiries:
  • Ultimate and Premium members can send 80 inquires per day but it should be sent in two lots (40 at a time).
  • Basic members can send 40 inquires per day.
  • Items added to the Inquiry Basket are session sensitive. i.e. all the items added to the Inquiry Basket will be flushed off when you close the browser or log off the site. So send your inquiries as soon as you finish adding the Offers/Inquiries.