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Business Through RIM: Deals Closed Through RIM Business Support

RIM supports in identifying, negotiating and closing business deals. Our designated client success manager will help you identify the right buyers, suppliers and close business deals. We are negotiating on behalf of several members and have closed significant number of deals. The companies who have closed deals with help of RIM business support will be awarded with the [icon] icon.

Highlights of RIM Business Support

  • Analyze Requirement
  • Identify the Right Buyer/Supplier
  • Verify the Credential
  • Conduct Background Check
  • Get Multiple Offers from Verified Businesses
  • Recommend and Negotiate the Best Offers
  • Arrange for Inspection
  • Discuss Payment Terms, Delivery, and Shipping etc.
  • Close Deal

What are the charges involved?

It depends on the level of support needed with any other third party inspection services. All our dealings are transparent and you will be included in all the actual negotiations. Choosing the inspection agency or closing the deal is 100% your choice. We will work as your trusted companion to close the best deal.