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Suspicious Companies

The following Company (ies) are marked suspicious due to complaints we received from other members. We tried to contact the companies / Individuals regarding the complaints but never got any response from them. If you think your company is mistakenly listed here, Please mail us with any supporting evidence (Company License copy, Proof of Identity or any other documents) and we will remove your company from the suspicious list. You can send the details to benny(at)recycleinme.com ."




We are a Manufacturing and Trading company based in Budapest, Hungary. From decades we are engaged in exporting metals with certified quality. Our strict quality control helps us to procure the best metal scrap from the source manufacturers. We are dealing with scrap metals based in Hungary with the capability to offer scrap materials of various types at the best affordable price. We deal with finished mineral products like Aluminium ingots, Copper Cathode Sheets, Tin Ingots & Zinc Dross, Copper Millberry wire scrap, Compressor scrap & Drained Lead Battery Scrap. Kindly contact us @ +36302978322 for all your scrap needs.

Hungary [Hungary]

Evermetal Espana Sl

Avda. De La Industria, 16,Tres Cantos


Evermetal Espana S.L is a well established, innovative, reliable and a self-funded company based out of Madrid, Spain. We specialize in domestic and international supply and trade of various grades of recyclables, raw materials and commodities. Today we are able to be a leader in the market and to navigate complex transactions, underlined by our strong ethical attitude to trading, enable us to provide better business for both our customers and suppliers.
There is a great emphasis in understanding their needs and requirements, and as a result we are able to meet the deadlines and often surpass the expectations of our esteemed clients. We offer high levels of customer service and, in turn, we are an excellent customer to our many and varied suppliers. We are dedicated & committed to provide the highest level of service in the industry & creating value oriented business. Our business conduct is guided by a set of values.
No matter where we do business, we do it based on our core values. With branch offices and business associates across the globe, we are poised and ready to partner with global scrap businesses.
We trade in Ferrous & Non Ferrous scrap like -

Ferrous & Non Ferrous

  • Aluminium scrap
  • Battery Scrap
  • Brass Scrap
  • Copper scrap
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Lead Scrap & Metal scrap

Plastic scrap

  • ABS Board scrap
  • HDPE scrap
  • LDPE scrap
  • Mixed scrap
  • Nylon scrap
  • PET scrap
  • Polycarbonate scrap
  • Polyethylene scrap
  • Polypropylene scrap
  • Polystyrene scrap & Polythene scrap

Paper Scrap -

  • Baled Paper scrap

Rubber Scrap

  • Rubber Tyre scrap

Our company is incorporated in Madrid City, Madrid as an International company. Our company number is B91218081
Contact us for best plastics and raw metal scrap and price s of other materials. We look to partner with global scrap buyers.

Spain [Spain]

Minmetals Ltd

180, Boise Ave


Minmetals Ltd – The Leading Scrap Trading Company now looking to supply bulk of metal scraps to scrap buyers from all over the world. We are committed in offering high end scrap trading services to ensure that we are the best scrap dealers in the world. The main scrap materials we deal on are scraps including aluminum ingots, aluminum, wheel, aluminum UBC cans, brass honey scraps, stainless steel scraps, used engines, compressor scraps, cast iron scraps, nylon net fishing scraps, and more… We also offer scraps including, Scrap Tire Wire, Turbochargers, HDPE Film on Rolls, HIPS Rolls, LDPE A Grade Film on Rolls, LDPE Baled Film Mix (A Grade), LDPE Baled Film Mix with Paper, PET Scrap, PET Fiber Rolls, ABS Dust and Fines, PVC Scrap, Aluminum Cans and PET Bottles, PU Foam Scrap/Grade AF Interested to know more about our offers, scrap deals and prices, please let us know!

United States [United States]

Mesut Recycling Services Gmbh & Co.

Industriestr. 1


Mesut Recycling Services Gmbh & Co. – Leading scrap trading company located in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. We are now committed in handling all types scrap metals from leading reliable and genuine suppliers/buyers. We mainly deal with all scraps including aluminum, copper, brass, electronic scraps, glass, lead, nickel, and zinc scraps. All our scraps are well maintained and inspected by our team to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Owing with strong hard work and determination, we have earned a great reputation from leading scrap traders. We are the leading scrap dealers and are ready to offer bulk of scraps to all customers. Interested to know more about us, please get to today. We are always ready to help you better at any time.

Germany [Germany]

Ares Recycling Gmbh & Co. Kg

Leinestraße 39 Neumünster Germany


Ares Recycling Gmbh & Co. Kg – Premier scrap trading company located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Currently we are dealing with scrap dealers and are maintaining client base of 500+ by offering high end services at reasonable rates and timely delivery. The main scrap materials we deal on are scraps including PU foam, and other waste scraps materials. And also we offer scrap including battery, brass, copper, electronic, ABS, board, HDPE, LDPE, nylon and more plastic scraps. We are ready to offer high quality scraps at reasonable prices and are available for bulk sale. Interested to know more about us, please get to us today…

Germany [Germany]

Easco Limited

​roundwood Farm, Bentley Lane ,Stutton Ipswich ​​suffolk


EASCO LIMITED is an International consulting and marketing trading organization with offices in three continents – EUROPE, ASIA and United States. The Group is active in International marketing, investment and project development. Seven companies are associated with EASCO LIMITED- three International and four Regional. EASCO LIMITED also maintains strategic alliances with other companies in the Middle East and South East Asia. We deal with metal scraps including aluminum, brass, copper, and electronic scraps. The plastic scraps includes ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PE, and PS. We also deal with paper scraps including cardboard, OCC paper and more! Besides these, we also deal with rubber scraps including tyres. We are now one of the leading scrap trading companies in both local and international scrap trading market. To know more about our services, please contact us today!

United Kingdom [United Kingdom]

Scott Zeevaart

135 Graystone Drive


We are a recycling machinery trader. We have 5 years experience. We hope we will become a great company with your service.

United States [United States]

Waterway Scrap Metals

7320 Silver Birch Dr


Waterway Scrap Metals is the most recognized scrap trading company located in Alaska, United States. Currently we have been dealing with more than thousands of scrap dealers who wish to import/export tons of scraps on regular monthly basis. We mainly deal with metal scraps including aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, and all sorts of metal scraps. We also deal with recycling scrap metals, scrap copper, insulated wire, brass, aluminum, electric motor, stainless steel. All our scraps are well inspected and then shipped to the destination port. We assure that we will be your long term business partners as per your wish and also strive to make both our scrap trading business profitable. We are eagerly waiting for your prompt response. Interested to know more about us, please get to us today.

United States [United States]

Pc Metals

448 N 50th Ave


PC Metals in Washington has vast experience in scrap trading industry and has earned a great well-versed reputation among customers from all over the world. We are eagerly waiting to form new strong relationship with reliable and genuine scrap exporters around the Globe. We offer diverse range of scrap products like ferrous and nonferrous scraps like aluminum, battery scraps, copper, brass, lead, nickel, electronic scraps and much more! Beside these, we also offer plastic scraps like ABS, PET, PS, PE, PP, PVC etc. We assure that all our products are well inspected and then supplied to our customers. PC Metals has made a commitment to building and establishing long-term relationships with our entire client base. Interested to know more about us, please call us @ +1-212-2380912.

United States [United States]

Audrey&muriel Co.ltd

Berlin 1 10017- Berlin


With immeasurable years of experience in scrap trading, Audrey & Muriel Co. Ltd are committed to their customers by catering high quality scraps on timely basis without any halt in delivery process or requirements. The main scrap materials we deal on are scraps in forms of drained battery, compressor scraps, HMS 1&2, copper scraps, aluminum ingots, paper scraps, scrap pet bottle. We have a bulk of car & truck drained lead battery with ISRI code of “RAINS”. We follow certain rules and regulations for scrap exporting. Owing to our strong determination and hard work, we are really eager to expand our business all over the world. Interested to know more about us, please call @ +49-456-4569871.

Germany [Germany]
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