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US Scrap Prices

US$ 2.25 / Pound Details

Copper No.2

Copper #2 grades applies to the dirty version of its cousin #1 which may consist of unalloyed copper scrap with not less than 94% copper and free from lead, tin, soldered copper scrap, brass or more..

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US$ 2.07 / Pound Details

Sheet Copper

As the name indicates, Copper sheet scrap is the byproduct of copper sheet cuttings and materials made of copper sheet such as gutters, downspouts, kettles, boilers, and similar scrap. The copper more..

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US$ 0.49 / Pound Details

AL Cans

AL Cans refers to Used Beverage cans. Most preferably it can be made up of aluminum. It is free from the impurities such as lead, foil or other foreign materials. It can be compressed into bales and more..

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US$ 129 / Tons Details

No.1 Cast Iron

Commonly cast iron is very strong so it is very hard to break. Its size should be smaller than 2’X3’. It can be used in electric motor, brake drums and brake calipers.

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US$ 79 / Tons Details

No.2 Cast Iron

The quality of this cast iron is very cheap and it is very easy to break. The size of this type is smaller than 3’X3’. It can be used in steam radiators and in some heavy machinery.

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US$ 0.41 / Pound Details

AL Sheet

Thin, light and flexible grade of aluminum comes under this category. Materials comes under this should be clean and free of plastic to receive full price. It can be painted or not painted.

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US$ 0.39 / Pound Details

Cast Alum

It refers to cast aluminum, a kind of metal. It is used to make a cook ware and to create outdoor furniture. In addition to these it is also used in motor parts. Methods such as mold casting and die more..

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US$ 0.51 / Pound Details

AL Extrusion

Al-Extrusion Scrap is generated during the process of Aluminum Extrusion. Normally it is free from contamination of zinc, iron, dirt or other foreign particles.

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US$ 0.13 / Pound Details

Aluminum Breakage

Aluminum of dirty grade and comprised other materials like steel, plastic, and wood. Mainly aluminum breakage is commonly found with aluminum engines and transmission parts.

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US$ 1.03 / Pound Details

Aluminum Copper Unit

Items made of aluminum and copper will come under this category. Usually units comes under this category are normally comprised of about 50 percent aluminum and 45 percent copper. If any steel or more..

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US$ 0.52 / Pound Details

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire scrap refers to the redundant material which is needed for recycling. This wire scrap is not insulated and sometimes it is wounded on the steel to increase its strength. This will be more..

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US$ 1.54 / Pound Details


Brass is normally consists of copper and zinc. It contains copper, tin and zinc. It is resistant to corrosion and it is used as hydraulic castings, valves and gears. It has the composition of 85% more..

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US$ 0.6 / Pound Details


Considered to be a heavy metal, Lead is a soft, malleable and ductile metal of the carbon group. Lead is widely used in the production of lead-acid batteries, bullets, building construction and even more..

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US$ 94 / Tons Details

Shredded Scrap metal

Scrap is a material which can be recycled and used again. As the name indicates it refers to the scrap which shredded down while cutting any material. Light metal like flat, round, oval, Metal more..

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US$ 0.35 / Pound Details

Stainless Steel

It is a type of steel which contains many alloys such as 10.5% of chromium and 50% of iron. It contains 7% of nickel which makes it flexible. It looks very bright and provides high resistant to more..

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