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Current Market Prices – Indian Plastic prices

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Delhi Plastic Material Prices

INR 138.5 / Kilogram Details


Mixed scrap metal is always priced at the lowest price metal. If you have a bucket of aluminum sheet with some clean and some dirty (with screws or insulation) it will all be priced at the lower more..

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INR 140 / Kilogram Details


Acrylic is a chemical compound which is derived from acryl group of acids. Acrylic fiber that contains 85% of acrylonitrile. It is used in modern art paints and thermo plastic settings. It is well more..

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INR 44.25 / Kilogram Details


CPW stands for chlorinated paraffin wax. It is the combination of chlorine and heavy paraffin. It offers high stability and lowered volatile loss, this will increase the yield. It is used as an more..

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INR 108 / Kilogram Details

HD Blowing

HD plastics are granules of plastics and they are available with varieties of colors. They can enhance the appearance of the area and they are resistant to acids and have high tensile strength.

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INR 105 / Kilogram Details

HD Moulding(Colour)

HD moldings are the granules are high density plastics and mainly used in making leads and handles. It is very durable and provides heat resistant.

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INR 111.5 / Kilogram Details


HIPS stands for High Impact Polystyrene) are used TV housings and computer resins. It is also used in refrigerator linings, toilets seats, control knobs etc.

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INR 125.75 / Kilogram Details

LLDP Blowing

LLDP stands for Linear Low density Polyethylene. It is mostly and widely used plastic commonly in manufacturing wash bottles and dispensing bottles. It has the density of 0.92 g/cm3. It also used in more..

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INR 98 / Kilogram Details

PVC pest grade

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride which is slightly toxic in nature. It has wide applications like used in garbage cans, electrical insulations etc. It can derive to get required shape by welding, more..

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INR 78 / Kilogram Details

PVC resin desi

PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) is commonly looks white in color which is used to produce thermoplastics. It is used for manufacturing bags, toys, windows, etc.

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