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Shanghai Spot Prices

¥ 14120 / Tons Details


Aluminium is a silvery white metal which is noted for its ductility, light weight and it acts as a good conductor of electricity. Being highly resistant to corrosion, Aluminium finds its application more..

¥ 51605 / Tons Details


Known to be the 8th most abundant metal, copper is highly malleable and ductile. It is a good conductor of electricity as well as heat. Copper is widely used as a conductor of electricity, plumbing, more..

¥ 20200 / Tons Details


Considered to be a heavy metal, Lead is a soft, malleable and ductile metal of the carbon group. Lead is widely used in the production of lead-acid batteries, bullets, building construction and even more..

¥ 116400 / Tons Details


Nickel is a silvery-white ferromagnetic metal. This hard and ductile material belongs to the transition metals category. Due to its low rate of oxidation at room temperature, nickel is considered to more..

¥ 23690 / Tons Details

No.1 Zinc

It is a metallic chemical element that is bluish-white, lustrous and diamagnetic. It is a good conductor of electricity and has a hexagonal crystal structure.

¥ 145750 / Tons Details


The silvery metallic metal is malleable and chiefly found in Cassiterite, a tin oxide mineral and is highly crystalline. Tin can be highly polished and it does not easily get oxidized in air and more..

¥ 23750 / Tons Details


Zinc is a white colored metal with bluish tinge and it is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. With the melting point of 4190C, zinc is used for galvanizing iron and steel sheet. Some of the more..

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