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Offering Used Rails Scrap 60000 Tons @ 185 USD : Sell Offer - Expired Offer

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  • Unit: Tons
  • QTY: 60000
  • Price: 185 FOB

It is a very great pleasure to contact you from the company ( RAND GENERAL PROCESSING (PTY)LTD. We are direct sellers and suppliers of quality USED RAILS R50-R65 at very competitive prices per metric ton on our company operational terms and conditions.

We are able to supply any quantity of the USED RAILS to global destinations as per scrap buyer choice.

We offer our competitive prices as follows:
USED RAILS Scrap - $185 - $200 Per metric ton

You can confirm your quantity and destination port name in other for us to issue you the Soft corporate offer for your review to proceed to the next step.

The above price is our direct warehouse prices which is excluding the materials processing cost which has to handled by your own processing company, you can decide to hire or contract any processing company from the seller holding country to process the materials for you on your own separate cost or you can also decide to bring your processing company from any were in the world to come and process the materials as per your request.

Materials processing simply means;

The USED RAILS are in full length of 12.5m long which will require cutting them in to your preferred length/size before loading them into 20ft containers and transport to the loading port for shipping processing on your separate cost and not included in the above given price per metric ton.( Please advise your preferred cutting size) it could be from 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 3 meters or 6 meters.

Seller is only selling full length Used Rails 12.M and not already cut Rails, the contract will be signed on an agreement of scrap buyer buying full length Rails only.

You will have to arrange for your processing company to handle the materials cutting on your cost.

Seller accepts 100% LC against all shipping documents at sight whereas the LC value will only cover the total quantity of the materials in accordance with scrap prices pr/metric ton.

You are not allowed to include materials processing cost to seller LC value which is not allowed by law.

You will have to treat the issue of materials cutting direct with your processing company separately without the involvement of the seller.

The only place seller can get involved in the issue of materials cutting issue is when you seek for the assistance of the seller to help you recommend a processing company for you.

Even though we can supply any quantity as per your request but then we have our company quantity restriction for buyers who have not done any scrap business with our company before;

USED RAILS ; our maximum quantity applicable to all first time buyers is between 30,000mt to 60,000mt and not more than that.

After a successful delivery of the first quantity, we can then proceed to any bigger quantity of your choice.

Rails are free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switch and guard rails, rails with split heads and broken flanges. Continuous welded rail may be included provided no weld is over 9 inches from end of the piece of rail. Free from Fluff, Nonferrous inclusions, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from war and explosives, shells, cartridges, other arms and ammunitions used or otherwise and any closed containers.

Free from any radioactive materials, any harmful chemicals, substances, and coatings any organic waste any other harmful substances. Dirt, dust, rust fluff and other impurities not allowed being over 5%. The rails are to be neatly bundled and secured with iron wire or straps, provided with adequate lifting hooks. Individual bundles not to exceed 5 MTW.

Rail, Steel No. 1.Standard section tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard or heavier, 12.5m. Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight of 50 pounds per yard and over 12.5meters long .

(28B) (28C) Rail, Steel No. 2 T. Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over 12.5meters. Rail, Steel No. 3.Standard section tee, girder, and/or guard rails, to be free from frog and switch rails not cut apart, and contain no manganese, cast, welds, or attachments of any kind except angle bars.

1.0m (0.8 – 1.0m). Scrap/Rail Ferrous

Scrap (R50/R65) chemical composition shall be according to:

R50 GOST 7173 -75 weight 51.67 kg/meter
R65 GOST 8165 -75 weight 64.72 kg/meter

C = 0.54% - 0.82%
Si = 0.18 – 0.40%
Mn = 0.60 – 1.05%
S = 0.04% - MAX
P = 0.035% MAXAs = 0.01 Max of mass share

1. Reach agreement.
2. Seller send DRAFT CONTRACT
3. Buyer return DRAFT CONTRACT signed and seal
4. Seller send HARD CONTRACT;
5. Buyer arranges payment or open L/C document, send the bank bill or copy of L/C to seller for checking
6. Seller sends all document that buyer need, buyer release the LC to seller.
7. Each party hereto will bear its respective banking costs charge.
8. Shipment will start according to conditions of contract and agreed schedule

We hope everything point is clear to your best understanding.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more clarification. Thank you.

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