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Ref: Copper Cathodes 1000 M. Ton Spot deal

We have Government of Pakistan as regular buyer of Copper. We can provide any kind of Bank reference LOI. In fact we can just open DLC in 2/3 days. 100% Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit. Briefly you can have any kind of documentation from us.

But before all this is done. Please get me one Performance Certificate of the supplier. If they are in this business, they must have good Performance record which can be certified by their bankers.

You have to see that they are financially in a position to supply the contracted Cargo. They will have to provide 2% Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) to make the DLC Operative. If you have any such supplier, then we are lucky. Give us good news and let us proceed.

We can place a Trial Order for 1000 M. Ton. In fact we established One DLC but the shipper failed to provide 2% Performance Bank Guarantee. We told him ok no need for this guarantee; just give us Proof of Product. He failed to even offer Cargo for inspection twice at Dubai. Most probably he has run out of Contract.

Mostly, unfortunately, in this business people are non serious.

Sir, if you have genuine seller with all banking arrangements to ship, please forward us their bank certified Past Performance. We as a token of good will and seriousness forward you copy of One DLC 500 M. Ton, which has not been utilized by the seller.

The contract is signed with Government of Pakistan.

So, Sir, if you have trust worthy, genuine supplier then just give us one certification and have any kind of Letter / DLC etc from us.

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