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11.9 Million Pound Term Contract : Sell Offer

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  • Units : lbs
  • Packing : Buyer Responsibility
  • Quantity : 11900000
  • Payment Terms : Others
  • Price Terms : Others
  • Port : Herlong, CA US

This is a term contract for approximately 11.9 Million Pounds (approx) of property requiring Demilitarization (DEMIL) as Condition of Sale (DCOS). The property requiring DEMIL includes, but is not limited to, Up Armored Rolling Stock, Tracked Vehicles, Vehicle Armor, Vehicle Tracks, Crated Armor Kits, Trailer sets, Cargo Carriers, Cargo Trucks, Smoke Generators, and HMMWVs. Some property is stored in CONEX containers. The buyer is advised the containers are not included in the sale and must be returned to the government/DLA. The term contract will be based on advertised weight and not by length of time. The buyer is expected to DEMIL and remove a minimum of 1.1 million pounds per month. Weight is tracked by weight tickets of outbound residue removed from the site. Scrap is primarily steel and aluminum with ferrous and nonferrous attachments to include but not limited to ballistic glass, rubber, plastic, wood and fiberglass. The buyer is responsible for removal and disposal of all non-metallic material resulting from the DEMIL process at no cost to the Government to include Sierra Army Depot (SIAD). Buyer must submit an End-Use-Certificate (EUC) application and be approved prior to any work commencing. A start of work meeting will be held with all parties associated with this sale before any property will be DEMILed or removed. This sale requires property to be DEMILed prior to scrap being released. By bidding, each bidder represents, warrants, and certifies that ALL materials purchased will not be re-used or re-furbished, or sold for re-use or refurbishing. LOCATION/WORKING CONDITIONS/BASE ACCESS: DEMIL will take place at Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, CA. A concrete pad is in place and will be the location for all DEMIL operations. Buyer is advised that there is no covered facility in the work area; if the buyer chooses to construct a temporary shaded/covered area they must have SIAD facilities approval before they construct any structures and it will be at no cost to the Government. At conclusion of sale, buyer is responsible to repair any damage to the underlying concrete pad and restore it to original condition. However, the contractor is not responsible for reasonable wear and tear to Government property or for Government property properly consumed in performing this contract. The buyer is cautioned that high winds, sun, rain, snow and ice may impact operations. Impacted work will not be the responsibility of the Government or sub-contractors. The buyer's employees or sub employees inspecting, working, DEMILing, and removing the material are required to be US citizens and pass a Federal background check, vehicle escorting is not available. Please be advised, in order to place a bid, buyer must submit attached Sierra Demilitarization Operations Plan, and email to " " by November 12, 2018, please see all attached PDF files for further details, the files will contain the following, Full Lot Description, Surveillance Plan, Special Tank Track Demil Instructions, Sierra Demil Operations Plan Worksheet and a Spreadsheet of all Demil required property for this sale, please note that the Property Spreadsheet has changed and the Revised Version as of 11/5/2018 is the correct list for this event. Property/Sale preview will be a group preview, it will be a one day viewing only, Nov 5th at 10am, please email " " to be added to the Guest list for Base Entry and Viewing..

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