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ZTAC Inc. is a small but fast growing established privately owned company, specializing in the export of waste, plastic and other goods to China. With its great knowledge and expertise, ZTAC Inc. is making great efforts to promote and implement a practical recycling economic model, which has been well recognized and has become increasing important around the world. It emphasizes the importance of saving natural resources and energy, the protection of the environment and at the same time generating economic benefits.

At ZTAC Inc, We believe that the "Resources-Products-Resources" cycle is an economic growth model that can generate both economic and environmental benefits. In addition to protecting our environment - the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat from the land - recycling of scrap also results in significant energy savings.

Waste paper and plastic are all recyclable commodities. From their origins in the forests, or farms to their final stage as products, most products will eventually become scraps. It includes the collection, sorting, processing and marketing of waste paper or plastics to the consuming industries. The existence of a recycable market is another impetus for recycling. Without a demand and supply driven market between the processors and manufacturers, there would be no economic purpose for recycling materials. The trader plays a vital role in the collection, processing and marketing process of scrap that brings these commodities back into the manufacturing chain.

Building on the prosperous future of scrap recycling in North America and throughout the World, ZTAC Inc. is thriving on trading waste paper, plastic and other goods. Since its establishment, ZTAC Inc. has matched the advanced technology of recycling in Canada with the high demand in the processing and manufacturing industries in China. ZTAC Inc. has made great strides in both reputation and profit generation. The volume of export and the revenue from sales have been steadily increasing. ZTAC Inc. has also established excellent partnerships with China's processing industries, which are the major raw material providers to the domestic metallurgical and light chemical industry

We are a trading company that mainly deals with buyers in China. Looking to put our products into markets other than China.

For interested and serious buyers looking to have a relationship, please include the following along with you mail.

INDICATING at least 3 of the 4:
2. Trail Requirement
3. Discharge Port
4. Payment method

Contact details

Contact Name
: Mr.Allen Tseng
: Mississauga road
: Mississauga
: Ontario
: CanadaCanada
: l5h4b7
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Trading Details

Items we sell

Paper scrap Paper

Items we buy

General scrap General
Copper Non Metal Scrap Scrap Metal
Paper scrap Paper
Baled Cardboard
Plastic scrap Plastic
ABS HDPE LDPE Nylon Polyethylene Polypropylene PolyVinylChloride
Member since : 7/16/2007
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