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Gold coins, especially pre-1933 gold coins minted in the U.S. and Europe, are rapidly becoming the asset of choice among investors worldwide. Every day more media outlets are touting the value of buying gold coins and gold bullion as ways to offset risk, combat inflation, and increase portfolio returns. And many gold coins are both historically important and beautiful as works of art.

Gold coin collectors, of course, have long noted the beauty of coins like the $20 Saint-Gardens gold Double Eagle, first minted in 1907 and featuring the inspiring image of Liberty striding gloriously out of the dawn. This stunning design is also featured on American Gold Eagle bullion coins, introduced by the US Mint in 1986 and guaranteed for authenticity and gold content by the federal government. Gold Indian and Liberty coins in $10 (or Eagle), $5 (or Half Eagle), and $2.50 (or Quarter Eagle) denominations are quite beautiful, too, as well as being financially attractive ways to buy gold coins for investment and collections. And don't forget the wonderful $3 gold Princess coins, $4 Stella's, and old Gold Dollar coins, which tend to be somewhat rare in higher grades. Scarcity, quality, and grade--along with the gold price--are the main determinants of gold coin values for investing and collecting.

American Gold Exchange is a leading national dealer in gold coins and bullion offering high-quality, hand-selected coins at low prices. Our personal, discreet customer service is widely recognized as the "gold standard" of the industry; reply me for more information.

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