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Joshua David Harder

We are traders of scrap metal. We are buying and selling the following types of scrap.

Catalytic Converters
Lead Acid Batteries
Household Batteries
Electrical Waste

We are also involved in large scale collection program of electrical scrap co-ordinating with local councils.

Currently Lead Acid batteries are being exported to Korea. We are currently looking to expand in to the export of all types of household batteries. We aim to establish a collection program throughout the country.

Catalytic converters are currently being exported to the USA.

Contact details

Contact Name
: Mr.Joshua Harder
: 10 Oakland Hills Boulevard
: Western Australia
: AustraliaAustralia
: 6028
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Trading Details

Items we sell

General scrap General
Battery Scrap Electronic Scrap Lead Scrap Nickel Scrap Precious Metals

Items we buy

General scrap General
Aluminium Battery Scrap Brass Scrap Chemical Scrap Copper Electronic Scrap Exotic Metals Glass Lead Scrap Nickel Scrap Non Metal Scrap Precious Metals Scrap Metal Zinc Scrap
Paper scrap Paper
Baled Cardboard Cutting
Plastic scrap Plastic
ABS Board GPPS HDPE LDPE MDPE Mixed Nylon PET Polycarbonate Polyethylene Polypropylene Polystyrene Polythene PolyVinylChloride POMM Vinyl
Rubber scrap Rubber
Butyl Granules Organic Rubble Tyres
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