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We track down scrap and metal prices "From London To Mumbai" through authentic sources, spot markets, Junk Yards, Chamber of commerce and other reliable sources. Yes, we put together LME prices to Mumbai prices, all under one roof making it convenient for you to access and analyze scrap prices and thus enabling you a profitable business deal.

We are adding new materials and data regularly to offer you the current market trends. RIM scrap section has a subscriber base of 10,000+ members for the scrap prices section from all over the world. Our prices help our members decide the right price for scrap and metals whether they are purchasing it or selling it.

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Steel Mills, Industries which generate Scrap, Scrap Exporters & Importers, Agents, Corporate, Government Agencies, Traders, Buyers & Suppliers of Scrap, Entrepreneurs who plan to start a scrap based business.

Plastic raw material Exporters & Importers, Plastic manufacturing companies, Traders, Buyers & Suppliers of plastic & resin.

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